Kayak Stations

Kayaks offer a great way to explore and exercise in SW florida. the docks here are really not set up for them and need to be either modified or re-designed to facilitate their use. It gets complicated as our tides also create changing water levels and one day you have an easy launch but the next, troublesome. We have reviewed all of these issues and have different ways to address them depending on your needs. we have built ramps into the water, steps into the water, steps leading to platforms close to the water, floating platforms and even remote controlled kayak stations. How would you like to have your kayak on a platform lift, sitting there dry and stable out of the water, walk up to it, get in and press a button and lower the whole kayak while in it to the water, paddle away and reverse the process for returning? We do it all the time for the serious kayaker or someone who loves it and can not go through the contortions needed to get in and get off from a dock that doesn’t change with water level. Please note that any of these options are all built with waterproof underwater materials so they last in the changing tides for many years, all fiberglass reinforced plastics and stainless steel fasteners. Let’s talk kayaks!

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