Dredging & Barge Services

Not all canals are alike. Some are not as deep as others. some “fill in” from the tides and become less deep over time. The winter tides are, on average, 18 inches lower than the summer, so just when you arrive to enjoy the winter, maybe the boat won’t get off the lift. You need to have the slip dredged. we do this work, after a rather lengthy and time consuming permitting process, but then you have solved the problem for quite some time. our commercial grade equipment is the key for this work, we have the machines to do it, but remember it takes some time for permitting, so plan and get us involved early. Some clients just need a barge service, special needs for special jobs, removing rocks, hauling lift covers to another dock, installing large stand alone mooring piles in special spots, etc. Again with our commercial grade equipment we also offer these services to truly be a full service marine contractor.

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