Cape Coral Seawall Replacement & Repair

Seawall Specialists

Consider Cape Coral seawall replacement and repair by Aquamarine Construction if you own a waterfront home or structure bordering on part of the 400+ miles of canals along with the lakes and the Caloosahatchee River running through the Cape Coral water wonderland.

Seawall Damage

Seawalls prevent the incredible amount of damage flooding can do to land and a structure. And weather, age, hurricanes, boat activity, water, and climate can crack and erode a Southwest Florida seawall placing property and land in jeopardy.

Cape Coral takes seawalls seriously per this excerpt from the city code: Un-seawalled banks of lots over grow with weeds, grass, shrubbery and other noxious plants which harbor and provide a breeding place for rats, mice and other rodents, snakes, mosquitoes and other arthropods.

The Cape Coral seawall replacement and repair code as well as permitting is strict and Aquamarine Construction diligently complies with all of the regulations.

Seawall Replacement or Repair

As a licensed and bonded marine building expert, Aquamarine Construction restores damaged sea walls to their intended purpose by using a specialized canal-side approach.

The canal side water construction techniques we use cause much less distress on yards, sprinklers, and landscaping than landside replace/repair. This is because we preserve and even enhance the fill in front of the wall so it is not completely dug out.

In addition, we also repair walls with new caps and tie-backs complete with the engineering capability to secure signed drawings for special walls that customers might desire other than concrete such as vinyl and concrete reinforced vinyl.

Note: Aquamarine Construction has specifically engineered toe mitigation retention solutions to walls starting to fail from the bottom that can save thousands of dollars in replacement costs, if applicable.

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