Seawall Replacement or Repair

We specialize in doing the above for projects that need to be done from the water as the very large excavator equipment used by the other guys won’t fit in your back yard. Our canal side water construction techniques cause much less dis-stress on the yards, sprinklers, landscaping etc than the other way of land side replace/repair. Also, what is critical is that the fill that needs to be IN FRONT OF THE WALL is preserved and enhanced by our technique and not completely dug out and lost in front where it is critical as the other guys do it. seawall panel retention counts on a penetration of 40% by code and without paying attention to the front of the wall, this is often not done unbeknownst to the client. Our technique enhances this and insures this critical design element meets the engineering standards. we also repair walls with new caps and tie-backs, etc. and have the engineering capability to obtain signed drawings for special walls that certain customers might want besides concrete, such as vinyl and concrete re-inforced vinyl. our seawall team has 25 years of experience on these issues and we will be glad to review your case for a free evaluation and quote lat any time. PS we have special engineered toe mitigation retention solutions to walls starting to fail from the bottom that save many, many thousands of dollars in replacement costs if applicable.

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